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If you are incorporated, you have heard of the “minute book”. The minute book is a book of records in which corporations keep up-to-date with the companies articles and minutes from directors’/shareholders’ meetings. The minute book should also include information about the ownership of the shares of the capital stock of the corporation, including any transfers of these shares, summaries of year-to-year transactions, resolutions of the Directors and Officers, notices and registrations filed with the registry, bylaws, Annual Returns and a Directors’/Officers’/Shareholders’ register. A well-maintained minute book provides proof of ownership and could help sell your company in the future too! If there is only one Shareholder in the company, it is still recommended that the minute book is updated annually with meeting minutes and Annual Return, even if there are no changes. Some companies choose to have the minute book updated by their lawyer, this is a very official method, however, not necessary. Anyone can update file the Annual Return at a registries office and a bookkeeper/accountant can provide the current end-of-year transactions.

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